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Brainvita: Level up your Mind Power!
Step into the empowering environment of Brainvita Academy's Chess Club, where strategic thinking takes center stage.

Dedicated mentors providing individualized support, your child will navigate challenges and emerge as a strategic mastermind.

Enroll today to witness their growth and unlock their full potential!

A Comprehensive Guide

Dive into the intricate world of pawn structures with this comprehensive guide.

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Anticipating Your Opponent's Plans

Discover the art of prophylactic thinking and its profound impact on chess strategy...

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Dynamic Sacrifices

Uncover the thrilling world of dynamic sacrifices and their role in creating tactical fireworks on the chessboard...

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Effective Debugging Techniques

Debugging is an essential skill for every programmer. In this article, we explore effective debugging techniques to help you identify, isolate, and fix software bugs efficiently.

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Tech Trends 2024

Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive insights into the latest tech trends shaping the digital landscape in 2024.

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About Us
At our academy, our focus extends beyond mere results; we prioritize fostering individual growth and compassion, believing that these qualities inherently lead to success.

We celebrate the creative potential of each young mind, recognizing that within the strategic landscape of chess, lies a canvas for boundless innovation and intellectual exploration.

Sumana Pandi


Sumana Pandi, the Founder of our team, is the visionary leader who established the foundation for our organization's values and strategic direction. Her innovative mindset and unwavering commitment to excellence drive the team towards achieving remarkable goals.

Kiran Pinjarla


Kiran Pinjarla, the Co-Founder of the company, is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. His leadership is fundamental in developing and implementing key initiatives that propel the organization forward.



As a chess coach for kids, Sumana brings her expertise and love for the game into every session. She focuses on creating a supportive and fun learning environment, where children can discover new tactics, improve their problem-solving skills, and grow both personally and intellectually.


Lead Instructor

Kiran Pinjarla serves as the Lead Instructor, where he is responsible for overseeing the curriculum and ensuring that all courses meet the highest educational standards. His role is crucial in mentoring junior staff and fostering a supportive learning environment.

Sumana Pandi


Sumana Pandi serves as the Founder of our team, leading with an innovative vision and unwavering determination. She brings a wealth of experience and insight, guiding the team towards achieving transformative success and setting strategic directions.


Lead Instructor

In the role of Lead Instructor in coding, Kiran pioneers our educational initiatives, equipping aspiring developers with the essential coding skills needed in today’s tech landscape. Through meticulous lesson planning and interactive teaching sessions, Kiran empowers students, inspiring them towards innovation and problem-solving in software development.

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